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The Basic Components of a NetWizard System

The particular NetWizard software installed on a PC is determined by that PC's role in the NetWizard system — as the Central Manager, a Branch Manager, or an Agent. Each of these three basic components is shown in the diagram below and described in the sections that follow.

Central Manager

The NetWizard Central Manager is a Windows application from which you manage and monitor networked PCs. The Manager is the component you use to create and issue instructions to be carried out at one or more PCs on your network. There is one Central Manager and optionally one or more Branch Managers in an organization. The Central Manager creates instructions to be carried out at the Agents and Branch Managers.

The Central Manager has one predefined administrator, known as the Supervisor. The Supervisor can also grant Manager access to other administrators (known as Assistants) by defining their access rights and assigning each a Manager password.

Branch Managers

You can install one or more NetWizard Branch Managers to assist the Central Manager in controlling and distributing software to Agents. Branch Managers can greatly accelerate NetWizard distributions over networks and can also manage designated portions of your NetWizard system. Branch Managers can also have Branch Managers of their own ("nested" Branch Managers) to further subdivide the workload.


A NetWizard Agent is installed on each networked PC. The Agent runs in the background on a user's PC and allows the PC to receive and process distributions and other instructions from a Central Manager or Branch Manager.