Using MCS for the First Time

The first time you run Management & Control Services (MCS), you must log in to the MCS console using the default "system" account. The password for the "system" account is specified during the MCS installation. The "system" account is a superuser account that allows you to initially access the MCS console to configure additional MCS user accounts.

Note The first time you log on in the MCS console, a security message is displayed. To trust the signed applet distributed by Attachmate, choose Yes or Always. If you choose Always, the message will not be displayed again.

When you access the MCS console for the first time, you must complete the following steps to set up additional MCS user accounts. You should set up at least one MCS user account in addition to the default "system" account.

  1. Select a directory service.

    The default directory service for MCS is MCS directory; however, MCS directory should be used only for demonstration and evaluation purposes, and in environments where there is no external directory service in place. It is not intended to be used in large-scale production environments. For information about supported directory services, see Directory Services, Overview.

  2. Add users and groups to MCS directory.

    If you will be using the MCS directory to manage MCS users and groups, you must add those users and groups from within MCS. For external directory services, the user and group lists are maintained by the directory service. For details, see Adding a User or Group to the Directory Service.

  3. Specify the level of user authentication.

    Specify the level of security that is required to access the MCS console, as well as the level of security required for clients to access configurations stored on MCS. For details, see Authenticating MCS Users.

  4. Grant rights to access the MCS console.

    After you have configured your MCS users and groups (by adding them to MCS directory, or by linking to an external directory service) you must grant access rights to the MCS users and groups who will need to use the MCS console. Granting a user console access rights allows that user to access the MCS console to perform system administration functions. For details, see Assigning Rights to use Administration Features.

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