Overview: Directory Services

A directory service is a repository of information that includes a list of users on your network. After you configure your directory service in MCS, you can control user access to the MCS console, data stored on MCS, and other specified resources, by assigning specific access rights to users and groups.

You can create an internal directory service or select from a number of external directory services for managing users and groups in MCS. You can modify the users and groups that appear in the internal MCS directory but for external directory services, the user and group lists are maintained by the directory service. MCS references the user and group list based on the server address you specify when configuring the directory service in MCS.

Regardless of the directory service you use, you can also create virtual groups, which you can use to organize users within MCS and simplify assigning access rights. Virtual groups exist only within MCS; they are not added to your external directory service.

Directory service options are:

After you have created users and groups in the MCS directory or configured an external directory service, you can configure security settings for the MCS users and groups. For information, see Security, Overview.

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