Commands for Managing Host Access IDs

Commands for managing host access IDs are available through the Configure IDs pane. You can choose commands from the toolbar or from the shortcut menu that is displayed when you right-click a selected item in the tree or table.

   New Pool Display the Pool creation series of pages, in which you can define a new pool.
   Delete Pool Delete the selected pool. You cannot delete a pool that contains allocated IDs.
   Pool Properties Display the Pool Properties dialog box, in which you can configure timeout values for the selected pool and change properties specific to directory services pools.
   New ID Display the New ID page, in which you can add an ID to the selected pool. This command is unavailable for directory service pools.
   ID Properties Display the ID Properties dialog box for the selected ID. You cannot edit properties for directory service pool IDs. You cannot edit properties for allocated IDs.
   Move ID Display the Move ID dialog box, in which you can move the selected ID to a different pool.
   Delete ID Delete the selected ID. You cannot delete an ID that is currently allocated.
   Import Import IDs from another source.
   Sets Display the Sets dialog box, in which you can group IDs into sets. If a pool is selected, IDs for that pool are initially displayed. You cannot create ID sets for directory service pools.
   Host Mappings Display the Host Mappings dialog box, in which you can map one or more IP addresses or DNS names to a single host name.
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