Viewing Events

You can use the MCS console to view system events that have been logged for MCS and MCS-managed products. You can filter the list of displayed events and search for specific events within the list. System administrators can create user views, filters that can be preapplied on a per-user basis to hide events that are irrelevant to that user.

Caution Events stored in a previous version of the MCS log are no longer available after upgrading.
To view events
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Events.

  2. Under Events, click View Events.

    The View Events page appears in the MCS right pane, displaying the events that have been recorded since the log was last cleared.

    Note You can change the number of displayed events by setting a different page size on the Configure Events System - Properties page. This can reduce consumption of system resources used by MCS for displaying events; however, when searching, you must navigate the pages to go to all occurrences of found events.

    You can hide or display individual columns of information by changing your selections in the Manage Columns dialog box. To display the Manage Columns dialog box, choose the Columns button on the toolbar.

  3. Navigate the View Events page as follows:
    To do
    Do this
    View events on the current page that are not visible in the MCS window Use the scroll bar.
    View events on a subsequent page Click the page down button at the bottom of the scroll bar.

    Go back to the first page of events Click the Refresh button on the toolbar.

  4. In the viewed page, do one or more of the following:
    To do
    Do this
    View event details Select an event in the list and choose the Event Details button from the toolbar.

    Apply a filter Select a filter from the drop-down list of available filters.


    To create a new filter, choose the Filters button on the toolbar. For detailed instructions, see Filtering the Event View.

    Search for an event or events Click the Find button from the toolbar.

    For instructions on searching the Events log, see Searching the Event Log.

  5. To create a notification using the items selected in the View Events page to prepopulate the notification rule, choose the Notifications button on the toolbar.

    For information about creating notifications, see Creating Event Notifications.

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