Searching the Event Log

You can search for events in the event log based on specified search criteria.

To search the event log
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click Events.

  2. Under Events, click View Events.

  3. In the View Events page, select an item in the Product tree to display events for that item, and then click the Find button on the toolbar.

  4. In the Find dialog box, specify your search criteria, and then click Find.

    The options you specify on all pages are combined to create the search criteria. This means that events are considered a match for the search criteria only if they match at least one of the selected products and one of the selected event types specified on the Basic page, and all of the criteria specified on the other pages.

    Note The search begins at the event selected in the View Events page. If there is no event selected, the search begins at the beginning of the page.

    Events matching the search criteria on the current page are found. To find data on another page, use the page down button on the scroll bar to navigate to a different page, and then repeat the search.

    For details on any of the options on the Find dialog box, click the Help button.

  5. To repeat your search, click the Find Previous or Find Next button on the toolbar.


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