Filtering Events

You can define filters for viewing events, which allows you to limit displayed events simply by selecting a different filter from a list in the View Events page. Filters that are applied from the View Events page do not affect the contents of the event log.

To create and apply an event filter
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click Events.

  2. Under Events, click View Events.

  3. In the View Events page, choose the New/Edit Filter button from the toolbar.

  4. In the Filters dialog box, choose New and type a name for the new filter.


    To create a temporary filter that is not saved when you close the MCS window, from the Filters drop-down list, select <Filtered>.

  5. On the Basic page, select the products and event types to include in this filter.

    Items that are not selected are hidden from view when this filter is applied in the View Events page.

  6. On the More Choices page, specify additional options for limiting displayed events.

    Most options you specify on this page do not have to be an exact match for a value in the event log. For example, you could specify part of a user name or a word or words from the event message.

    To be displayed, the key for each item under Specific Attributes must map exactly to information that is logged by an MCS-managed product, as displayed in the Event Details - Specific page.

  7. On the Date page, select options for limiting displayed events to a number of previous days or a range of dates.

    If you specify a number of previous days, MCS includes the current day's data in addition to the number of previous days that you specify.

    The options you specify on all pages are combined to create the filter. This means that events are displayed only if they match at least one of the selected products and one of the selected event types specified on the Basic page, and all of the criteria specified on the other pages.

    For details on any of the options in the Filters dialog box, click Help.

  8. Choose OK.

    When the Filters dialog box is closed, the new filter is applied to the selected node in the products tree.

    You can select a different filter or <Not Filtered> from the drop-down list of filters on the toolbar.

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