Configuring a Notification Rule

A notification rule defines the event criteria that must be met before a notification is sent. Each notification includes one rule.

To define a new notification rule
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click Events.

  2. Under Events, click Notifications.

  3. In the Notifications page, click the New button on the toolbar to create a new notification.

    For instructions on creating notifications, see Creating Event Notifications.

  4. On the Rule page, select the criteria that must be met before the notification is sent.

    Options you specify on all pages are added together to create the rule, which means that events are considered a match for this rule only if they match at least one of the selected products and one of the selected event types specified on the Basic page, and all of the criteria specified on the More Choices page.

    Options you specify on the More Choices page do not have to be an exact match for a value in the event log. For example, you could specify part of a user name or a word or words from the event message.

    For details on the options on this page, click Help when the page is displayed.

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