Clearing the Event Log

You can clear older items from the event log either manually or automatically, and you can save deleted events to a backup file or files. Backup and deleted event files are stored in XML format in the mcs/WEB-INF/data/mcs/events/backup_exports directory. The files are created at 3 a.m. server time.

Note Backup options on both the Backup and Delete pages are available only in the enterprise version of MCS.
To automatically clear the event log
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click Events.

  2. Under Events, click View Events.

  3. To display the Configure Event System dialog box, choose the Configure button from the toolbar.

  4. On the Backup page, select options for automatically backing up events.

    The log can be backed up once a day, once a week, or once a month.

  5. On the Delete page, select options for automatically deleting events from the event log.

    Events can be backed up before they are deleted.

    For a description of the options in the Configure Event System dialog box, choose the Help button in the dialog box.

You can manually clear events by selecting one or more events on the View Events page, and choosing the Delete Events button from the toolbar.

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