Restarting Servers in a Cluster

If a server in your cluster won't start or you have other general behavior issues for which you can't identify a cause, you may need to shut down and then restart the servers in your cluster. This process is necessary only for troubleshooting purposes; for other purposes, you can shut down an individual server without having to shut down all servers in the cluster.

Note You must start servers in a cluster one at a time. If you attempt to start two or more servers simultaneously, none will start successfully.
To shut down and restart servers in your cluster
  1. For each server in the cluster, shut down and then restart your application server.

  2. Restart the servers in your cluster one at a time in priority order, beginning with your primary server. Wait for each server to start before starting the next server.

    After starting the primary server, you can verify that a server is started by monitoring its status in the Viewer - General page (Services | Server Management | Viewer).

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