Changing the MCS Server Address for an Agent

After installation, if you need to change the MCS server with which an MCS agent should communicate, you'll need to make the change on the computer on which the agent is installed.

To direct an MCS agent to a different server
  1. On the computer on which the agent is installed, stop the MCS agent.

    In Windows environments, the MCS agent runs as a service. In UNIX environments, type the following:

    ./ stop

  2. Open the file in a text editor. The file is located in the Attachmate/EAI/Common/mcs directory.

  3. Locate the line MCS.Agent.AssignedRPCRouterURL=MCSServerAddress, where MCSServerAddress is the address of the MCS server with which the MCS agent has been communicating, and change MCSServerAddress to the new MCS server address.

  4. Save the file and restart the agent.

    In UNIX environments, to restart the agent, type:

    ./ restart

  5. The agent will automatically appear on the Agent Cluster Management page for the new server.

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