Getting and Installing Client Certificates

For client certificate authentication, you must obtain and install a personal certificate on each client computer that will access MCS or a Telnet server (host). You must also install the CA certificate for your client certificate on MCS. All software downloaded from MCS uses the personal certificate stored by the Web browser on the client computer.

To get and install client certificates
  1. After setting up SSL on the MCS server, on each client PC, create and submit a certificate request to a certificate authority (CA).

  2. When you are notified by the CA that the request has been fulfilled, use the browser to install the certificate on the client computer.

    The steps for installing the certificate are different, depending on the browser you use.

  3. To install the the CA certificate for your client certificate on the MCS server or server cluster, in the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Security.

  4. Under Security, click Security Services.

  5. In the MCS right pane, click the Security Services Client Certificates tab.

  6. In the Client Certificates page, click Add to display a dialog box from which you can select a CA certificate filename.

    For information about options on this page, click Help in the upper-right corner of the MCS window.

  7. Use the Mapping options to map client certificates to user names. The user name looked up in the directory service is the result of applying the specified mapping options to a field in the client certificate. Only the Field option is required.

  8. Click Save.