Creating ID Pools

The first step in setting up ID management is to create a pool of host access IDs.

To create a pool of IDs
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click ID Management.

  2. Under ID Management, click Configure IDs.

  3. In the MCS right pane, in the pool tree, select either All IDs or an existing pool type, right-click to display the shortcut menu, and click New Pool.

    The Pool Creation series of pages guides you through creating a new pool. The pages displayed in this series are different depending on the pool type you select.

  4. In the New Pool page select a pool type from the drop-down list. For most pool types, type a name for your pool. Pool names cannot contain spaces.

    For a description of the available pool types, click the Help button in the New Pool page.

  5. Specify inactivity and lease timeout values. Timeout values apply to all IDs in the pool.

    Only some components make use of the inactivity and lease timeouts. For those that do not, the communication timeout is used instead.

  6. For directory service pools, click Next to specify the elements from your directory service that will be used to generate IDs. For all other pool types, when you click Next, you can add IDs to the pool.

    To get help on any page in the series, click Help in the displayed page.