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Changing the Priority of a Clustered Server

When you install multiple copies of Management & Control Services (MCS)—creating a server cluster—each member of the cluster is assigned an initial priority number. The first server in the cluster automatically becomes the primary server and receives a priority of 0 (zero), the next server installed receives a priority of 1, and so on. If you need to re-prioritize the servers in a cluster after installation, you can do so using the procedure below.

The priority of the servers in a cluster is important for several reasons. First, a priority of 0 (zero) indicates the primary server in a cluster (see Overview of MCS Server Clustering for a discussion of the primary server's role in a cluster). Moving another server to a priority of 0 (zero) "promotes" that server to primary server in the cluster.

Second, a priority of 1 (one) indicates the first server to take over if the primary server is removed from the cluster. If for example, you have 3 secondary servers in a cluster, you would want to make sure the best available secondary is assigned a priority of 1 in case it needs to someday take over the role of the primary server.

To change the priority of a server in an MCS server cluster
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click Server Management.

    The Server Management tree appears.

  2. Click Cluster Management.

    The Cluster Management property pages appear in the MCS management panel.

  3. Click the Prioritize Server tab.

    The Prioritize Server page appears.

  4. In the Cluster Name list, select the name of the cluster to which the server belongs.

    If you only have one server cluster, the default cluster name (MCS Cluster) is listed.

    When you click the cluster name, the servers that belong to that cluster appear in the Server name list. The current priority of each server is indicated by the order in which it appears in this list (highest priority at the top).

  5. In the Server name list, click the name of the server whose priority you want to change.

  6. Click Up or Down to move the server's relative position (priority) in the list.
    Note You cannot change the priority of the primary server in the default cluster (MCS Cluster).

  7. Click Prioritize to apply the new priority to the selected server.

    For details on this property page, click Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

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