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Manually Adding a Server to a Cluster

Normally, when you install a product that is compatible with Management & Control Services (MCS), or install a secondary MCS server, that product or server registers itself automatically with the primary Management and Control server. However, if you ever need to manually add a server to an existing MCS server cluster, you can do so using the following procedure.

To manually add a server to an MCS server cluster
  1. In the MCS selection panel, point to MCS Functions and then click Server Management.

    The Server Management tree appears.

  2. Click Cluster Management.

    The Cluster Management property pages appear in the MCS management panel.

  3. Click the Add Server tab.

    The Add Server page appears.

  4. In the Cluster Name list, select the name of the cluster to which you want to add the server.

    If you only have one server cluster, the default cluster name (MCS Cluster) is listed.

    When you click the cluster name, the servers that belong to that cluster appear in the Server name list.

  5. Enter the server name, IP address, and port number of the server you are adding.

  6. In the Cluster name field, enter a new cluster name or leave the existing name of the selected cluster.

    If you enter the name of a cluster that does not yet exist, a new cluster will be created with the name you specify.

  7. In the Web server and Operating system fields, enter the Web application server and operating system that are running on the server you are adding, if desired.

  8. Click Add to save the server information and add the server to the selected cluster.

    For details on this property page, click Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

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