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Directory Page

The Directory page lists all of the users and groups that are defined in the selected directory.

Note This list can show only one level of users and groups for the selected directory; however, you can view an expandable list of users and groups when you assign permissions to those users and/or groups.
Note You can choose to cache directory service information to minimize display time using two options in the file

MCS.DirectoryServices.EnableCaching. If set to true, enables caching for all directory services. The value is false if not otherwise specified.

MCS.DirectoryServices.CachedDirectoryLifetime. The length of time a cached directory is stored, in milliseconds. The value is 600,000 (10 minutes) if not otherwise specified.

In addition, if you use NTDS as your directory service, you can change the interval at which directory information is refreshed.

NTDSHlpRefreshMinutes. The length of time, in minutes, to wait before refreshing user, group, and domain information from the directory service. The value is 12 if not otherwise specified. Domain information is displayed on the Permissions page.

New User/Group (MCS Directory only): Click this button to add a new user or group to the MCS Directory.

Name: Displays the user or group name. You can double-click a user or group in the list to display the attributes of that member.

Type: Displays the member type. Depending on the directory service you are using, the member type may be Person, Group, Organizational Unit, etc.

Description: Displays a description of the member, if available. This column is visible only if the Display Descriptions option is selected on the Directory Services page. You can click a column heading to sort the list entries by the selected field. For example, you can sort the user list by Name or Type.

Properties: Display the attributes of the selected member.

Delete (MCS Directory only): Remove the selected member from the directory.

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