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Using INFOConnect Enterprise Edition

This guide contains information for the administrator on using the management components of INFOConnect Enterprise Edition.

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition is a 32-bit Windows client application that provides terminal and host printer emulation. From the point-and-click environment of a computer, users can run host applications, transfer files, and integrate data into Windows programs. The tools provided with INFOConnect Enterprise Edition simplify interaction with host applications, streamlining tasks and improving user productivity.

Product Components

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition includes the following Management & Control Services (MCS) components:

Configuration Manager. Using Configuration Manager, you can create configuration packages (groups of configuration files saved under one name) and assign configuration files or packages to individual users or groups. Configuration files are uploaded from the client to MCS using the INFOConnect Configuration Publisher utility.

Distribution Manager. With this component, you can distribute INFOConnect Enterprise Edition installations and patches from MCS. Installations and patches are created on the client as Windows Installer files (.MSI, .MSP, or .MST), and are uploaded to MCS using the INFOConnect Distribution Publisher utility.

File Synchronization Service. An MCS service included with INFOConnect Enterprise Edition, File Synchronization service synchronizes configuration files used on the workstation with common configuration files created and managed on MCS by the administrator. It determines which files, if any, should be downloaded to the user's PC when INFOConnect Enterprise Edition is started, and notifies the workstation if an INFOConnect patch is available and ready for automatic download.

Security Settings. Security Settings permit you to specify the level of security required (for both administrators and users) to access MCS, and which users or groups can access the MCS console to upload configuration and installation files to MCS.

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