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Creating a Distribution

Before you can distribute an INFOConnect Enterprise Edition installation or patch to users, you must create a distribution. A distribution contains information about the installation or patch, such as the name of the Windows Installer file, the product version, the access code, and whether a patch will be automatically downloaded to the user. The product description and version information is displayed on the INFOConnect Products & Updates Web page, which is the MCS site from which clients access distributions.

To create a distribution
  1. In the MCS Selection panel, point to Products and then click INFOConnect Enterprise Edition.

    The INFOConnect Enterprise Edition tree appears.

  2. In the INFOConnect Enterprise Edition tree, click Distribution Manager.
  3. The Distributions page appears in the MCS Management panel.

  4. On the Distributions page, click New Distribution.
  5. Complete each of the pages presented by the New Distribution wizard. Click Next to advance to the next page, and Back to return to the previous page.

  6. On the last page, click Finish to complete the new distribution and return to the Distributions page.
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