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Properties Dialog Box (Installation Distributions)

Name: Displays the name of the selected distribution.

Note To rename a distribution, you must select it from the Distributions page and then click Rename from the MCS management panel.

Description: Type a description for the installation. The description cannot contain the characters < or >.

Product ID: Type the product ID of the installation file. Consult your system administrator for this information.

Install Filename (.msi): From the list, select the Windows Installer file you want to use.

Transform Filename(s) (.mst): From the list, select the transform file(s) you want to use to apply modifications to the installed product.

Note If you select multiple transform files, they must be compatible. For more information, see your installation developer.

Version: Type the (product) version of the patch. This value can contain up to two sets of numeric characters, separated by a single decimal (for example, 2002.43). It cannot contain alphabetic characters.

Access Code: Type the access code for the installation exactly as it appears on the CD package or the Attachmate Software License Agreement (if required).

Note If you do not enter a required access code when creating a distribution, the assigned user will be prompted to provide it before installation can proceed.

Advanced >>: When selected, displays the Command Line box, from which you can start the installation.

Close: Closes the Properties dialog box and saves your settings.

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