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Manage INFOConnect Enterprise Edition Configurations Page

From this page, you can view the configuration packages and single configuration files that have been created, and create new configuration packages. You can also manage configurations, copying, renaming, and deleting from or adding files to them; and assign configurations to users or groups.

New Configuration Package: Click this link to start the New Configuration Package wizard, which walks you through the steps necessary to create a new configuration package.

Configuration Packages

A three-column list that displays all of the configuration packages that have been created, plus the single configuration files that are not package components.

To sort the items in this list, click a column heading. For example, to list the configurations in alphabetic order based on their names, click the Name column heading. To reverse the order of the sort, click the column heading again.

Name: The name of the configuration file or package.

Type: Type of configuration. If the configuration entry represents a configuration package that has been created, this column displays Configuration Package; if it is a single configuration file, it displays a description of the file.

Assigned: Indicates whether the configuration has been assigned to users or groups.

Show All Configuration Files: Select this check box to display a list that includes configuration files that are already assigned to a package in addition to the names of configuration packages and unassigned configuration files.

Assign Users: Choose this button to open the MCS Permissions Page, which lets you assign users or groups to the selected configuration package.

Add Files: Choose this button to open the Add Files to Configuration Package Page, which lets you add configuration files to the selected configuration package.

Properties: Choose this button to open the Properties Page, which lets you view a list of the configuration files in the selected configuration package. You can also remove configuration files from the package, or copy or move them from the package to other packages.

Note You can only edit configuration packages from MCS. To edit single configuration files, use the client application at the workstation, then upload them to MCS.

Copy: Creates a copy of the selected configuration package or file.

Rename: Lets you rename the selected configuration package or file.

Note You cannot rename a configuration file or package if it has already been assigned to a user or group.

Delete: Deletes the selected configuration package or file.

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