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The INFOConnect Products & Updates Page

From the INFOConnect Products & Updates page, a user can view his or her assigned distributions, and manually install, change, or remove them. Product and version information provided when creating a distribution is used to construct a customized version of the page for each user (as shown in the example below):

Products & Updates Page

A user can access the Products & Updates page with the following methods (at which time he or she is prompted for authentication information):

Once a product or patch has been successfully installed on the workstation, the Products & Updates page indicates the event by replacing the "No" entry (in the Installed? column) with a "Yes" and replacing the Install link (in the Action column) with a Change link and a Remove link.

Note In addition to the Products & Updates page, Add/Remove Programs can be used to change or remove a product installation. Because patches cannot be removed individually, the Action column for a patch entry becomes blank as soon as the patch is installed.

When uninstalling INFOConnect Enterprise Edition, you may see a message warning you that one or more of the associated files are still in use. If this happens, choose "Ignore," and the uninstall will continue.

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