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File Synchronization Service

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition includes synchronization of user files with configurations created and maintained by the MCS administrator. This synchronization consists of both a client and a server component.

When INFOConnect Enterprise Edition is started, the File Synchronization service communicates with MCS to compare current workstation configuration files (stored locally) with common configurations created by the MCS administrator. When differences are found, the administrator configurations (if newer) take precedence over the workstation configurations. If a file assigned to the user does not exist on the workstation, or if the version of a file on MCS has been modified by the administrator and is newer than the version of the same file on the workstation, the file is automatically downloaded to the workstation.

Note The ability to run INFOConnect Enterprise Edition sessions is not dependent upon successful communication with the MCS server. If files cannot be downloaded because centralized management has been disabled on the workstation, or if MCS is otherwise unavailable, the user can choose from a list of local session files.

An administrator may require users to log on to MCS to activate their copy of the product the first time they use it by selecting, during installation of INFOConnect Enterprise Edition, the option, Require Product Activation on First Use. In this case, the user must log on to MCS successfully once before working with local files.

User-modified Files

Within INFOConnect Enterprise Edition, the user may choose to create or modify an existing configuration file. However, to ensure preservation of the custom file, the user must save it under a different name or in a different directory. Otherwise, if the administrator modifies that file, the older, user-modified file will be overwritten the next time the user starts INFOConnect.

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