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The Distribution Manager

An administrator can use the Distribution Manager to control distribution of INFOConnect Enterprise Edition installations and patches from MCS. After a Windows Installer file (.MSI, .MS, or .MST) is uploaded from the client to MCS using the INFOConnect Distribution Publisher utility, the administrator can use the New Distribution wizard to create a distribution.

A distribution contains information about the product installation or patch, such as the name of the Windows Installer file, the product version, the access code, and whether a patch will be automatically downloaded to the user. The Distribution Manager is also used to copy, rename, delete, or edit a distribution.

Assigning Distributions

Once a distribution has been created for a product installation or patch, the administrator can assign the distribution to users or groups. Within Distribution Manager, the administrator selects the distribution to be assigned and then selects the distribution recipients from a list of authenticated MCS users.

The information provided during the creation of a distribution is used to construct a customized user interface — the INFOConnect Products & Updates page. From this Web page, users can view their assigned distributions and install, change, or remove products or patches.

User Installation of INFOConnect Enterprise Edition

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition can be installed to the user's workstation using the following methods:

Manual retrieval The user types the URL of the Products & Updates page (http://server_name/mcs/distribute) into the Address box of Internet Explorer (IE), or clicks Update INFOConnect from the INFOConnect Enterprise Edition Help menu, which starts IE and opens the site automatically.
Automatic (patches only) The File Synchronization service notifies the workstation and the user is notified when he or she starts INFOConnect. As determined in the Distribution wizard, the patch is either automatically installed when the user shuts down INFOConnect, or the user is prompted with an option to install the patch. (The user may choose not to install the patch at that time, in which case the prompt appears again the next time the user attempts to shut down INFOConnect.)

Once INFOConnect Enterprise Edition has been installed on the user's workstation, an entry appears within the list of MCS Events stating that INFOConnect was deployed successfully.

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