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Working with Configurations

You can create configurations for any host type that appears in the Terminal Viewers navigation tree (the type of configuration you can create is based on the configuration type you selected in the Terminal Viewers navigation tree).

This configuration type
Creates a
Terminal Java-based terminal applet with a screen-based session. Terminal sessions provide access to host data from within a browser.
Express Terminal Java-based terminal applet similar to a regular, but provides fewer features and requires less processing overhead.
HotGUI Terminal applet just like the regular terminal session, but uses a GUI-style interface, as opposed to the traditional "green screen" interface. Also, commands from the menu can be displayed as command buttons.
Printer Java-based printer applet with a printer-based session. Printer sessions work in conjunction with Terminal sessions to print host files.
File Transfer File transfer applet with a screen-based session.
ActiveX Terminal and Printer Terminal and printer similar to the Java-based terminal and printer above, but optimized for Microsoft Windows environments using ActiveX technology.
Terminal Layouts Multi-session layout configuration that opens one or more session windows on the user's screen. The user can save the session windows in a prearranged position on his or her screen, so that each session opens in the same position. For example, a user may consistently work with three display sessions and one printer session. If the user saves this arrangement of windows as a layout, all windows can be re-opened with a single command.
Note In this release, Layouts can only include the following configuration types: 3270 Terminal, 3270 Printer, 5250 Terminal, 5250 Printer, and VT Terminal.
Host Graphics Option Graphics terminal applet that allows the user to emulate a host graphics terminal and to work with vector graphics applications on the mainframe.
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