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Attachmate® INFOConnect® Airlines Gateway Version 3.1 Service Pack 1 March 2012


This document contains late-breaking information about Attachmate INFOConnect Airlines Gateway version 3.1 Service Pack 1. INFOConnect Airlines Gateway is a combination of software components and administrative tools that run on a Windows server. You can use this product to manage communication between networked PCs and SABRE, Galileo/Apollo, EDS Shares, or any host that supports MATIP protocol, including Amadeus and Worldspan.

For additional information about INFOConnect Airlines Gateway, visit our support Web site at

For installation instructions, see the INFOConnect Airlines Gateway Product Guide.

New Features

This service pack includes no new features specific to Airlines Gateway. For a list of product-wide changes, see "New Features" in the INFOConnect Enterprise Edition Release Notes.

The Airlines Gateway 3.1 release introduced the following features:

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