Editing a Path

You can edit existing host paths in Gateway Administrator.

Note If you modify a path that is currently in use, no disruption occurs in communication, but the changes will not take effect until the next time the path is used. It is recommended that you modify paths only when they are not in use.
To edit a path
  1. In Gateway Administrator, from the path tree, select the path that you want to edit.

  2. In the right pane of the Gateway Administrator application window, make your changes to the path.

    The items that appear here vary, depending on which type of path you clicked. If the application window displays a Configure Path or Configure Channel button, be sure to click these buttons to configure the path.

    To change a pooled connection path into a single connection path, delete all the pooled ASCUs, GTIDs, or LNIATAs in the list box, then add the new single connection path. To change a single connection path into a pooled connection path, type the ASCU, GTID, or LNIATA in the appropriate text box and click Add.

  3. From the Path menu, choose Save.

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