Tracing a Session

You can trace one or more active sessions from within Gateway Monitor.

To trace a session
  1. Do one of the following:
    To do this
    Do this
    Begin tracing all sessions as soon as each connection request is received by the gateway On the Listening tab of the Monitor screen, select an ID and click Trace. As client sessions become active they will be traced immediately.
    Begin tracing one or more currently active sessions Go to step 2.

  2. From the Active tab, select the ID of the session that you want to trace.

    You may select multiple sessions to trace them simultaneously.

    Note If you select more than one session listed on the Active tab, all the sessions must have the same Trace status. For example, all the selected sessions must have a Trace status of Off (to begin tracing all of them) or On (to stop tracing all of them).
  3. Click the Trace button.

    All raw protocol data and any data typed at the networked PC are recorded in a file called AtmGpSrv.log. This log file is located in the install folder on the server where Gateway Monitor is installed (by default, ..\Program Files\Attachmate\INFOCNEE). Each time you trace a session, the newly recorded data is appended to this file, so be sure to delete the file when you are finished with it to ensure that it does not become too large.

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