Monitoring Communication

Gateway Monitor displays information about communication between the networked PCs, INFOConnect Airlines Gateway, and the host. Using the Gateway Monitor, you can check to see which paths are active and which aren't. Additionally, you can determine how many users are connected and who is connected to the gateway.

Using this utility, you can close connections between the networked PCs and the host, and you can trace communication between a networked PC, the gateway, and the host to determine whether communication problems are occurring at the gateway.

When you trace a session, you record all raw protocol data in a file called AtmGpSrv.log. This log file is located in the install folder on the server where Gateway Monitor is installed (by default, ..\Program Files\Attachmate\INFOCNEE). Each time you trace a session, the newly recorded data is appended to this file.

The information in this log file can indicate whether or not communication problems are being caused by the Airlines Gateway. If the data provided by the trace does not indicate that the gateway is the source of the problem, you might need to trace the path using the INFOConnect Manager. This provides trace information at the transport level rather than at the gateway level. For more information, refer to Tracing INFOConnect Paths.

If you're not familiar with raw protocol data, you can send the log file to AttachmateWRQ Customer Support for review.

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