Starting and Stopping the Gateway Service

INFOConnect Airlines Gateway is a Windows service that you must start manually the first time you use it. Once you start the service, it restarts automatically each time you restart the server on which it is installed.

You must stop the service if you install a newer version of INFOConnect Connectivity Services.

You can start or stop the gateway using either Gateway Administrator or Windows Control Panel. The service name is ATMIcsGate.

To start or stop the gateway using Gateway Administrator
  1. Start Gateway Administrator.

    For more information, see Starting Gateway Administrator.

  2. In the path tree, click the name of the computer on which the Gateway is installed.

  3. Do one of the following:

    To do this
    Click this
    Start the gateway Start
    Stop the gateway Stop

    To verify your action, State displays Stop when you request a manual stop and the service is in the process of stopping, Stopped when you have successfully stopped the gateway and Running when you have successfully started the gateway.

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