Gateway Administrator
An application that you can use to add, modify, and delete paths or path-related components, and to start, stop, or monitor the gateway service.

A mainframe, mini-computer, or information hub with which the networked PCs communicate.

host path
A path that is configured to establish a connection between INFOConnect Airlines Gateway and a host.

INFOConnect Connectivity Services
A package of INFOConnect products that includes INFOConnect Manager and other INFOConnect software.

INFOConnect database
A file (IC32.CFG) usually located in the Gateway folder that contains information about all the INFOConnect packages that have been installed, as well as all the path templates, library channels, and paths that have been created.

INFOConnect Manager
The application that runs in the background each time you run an INFOConnect product and that controls interaction between accessories and transports.

You can also use this application to create, modify, and delete paths; set administrator and user-level security; control user access to configuration; and set user preferences. INFOConnect Manager also lets you switch between sessions, clear sessions, and view session status.

listening path
A path that is configured to receive connection requests and establish communication between the networked PCs and INFOConnect Airlines Gateway. This path is created automatically when the Gateway Administrator is first run.

A named set of configuration data required to establish communication between the PC and a host.

path tree
The tree that appears in the left pane of the Gateway Administrator application window.

At the top of the path tree is an icon for the server where the INFOConnect database is located (such as C:\WINNT). As you create paths, those paths also appear in the tree.

pooled connection path
A path that contains configuration data for multiple connections to a host.

single connection path
A path that contains configuration data for a single connection to a host.

The communication software that enables a PC to communicate with a host via a specific type of network.

For example, the INFOConnect TCP/IP Transport enables communication via a TCP/IP network.

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