Starting Gateway Administrator

Gateway Administrator is an application that you can use to create, modify, and delete the paths used to establish connections between the networked PCs and the host. The left pane of the Gateway Administrator application window displays a tree view of the client and host paths that are available. As you create new host paths, these paths appear on the path tree.

To start Gateway Administrator
  1. Go to the server where INFOConnect Airlines Gateway is installed and log in.

    You must run Gateway Administrator directly from the server; you cannot run it from a networked PC connected to the server.

  2. Click the Start button, point to All Programs, point to Attachmate INFOConnect Airlines Gateway, and click Gateway Administrator.

  3. The first time you start Gateway Administrator, you are prompted to type and confirm a password for this application. Each time you run it subsequently, you must type this password.

    The password for Gateway Administrator is the same as the administrator password for INFOConnect Manager. If you change the administrator password using INFOConnect Manager, the same change is made in Gateway Administrator, and vice versa.

    Once you type a valid password, Gateway Administrator starts.

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