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WebControl Object Properties

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Public PropertyCanGoBackGets a value indicating whether there is a "go back" page.  
Public PropertyCanGoForwardGets a value indicating whether there is a "go forward" page.  
Public PropertyDocumentGets the Web document in the browser.  
Public PropertyDocumentTextGets or sets the Web page text.  
Public PropertyDocumentTitleGets the Web page title.  
Public PropertyEncryptionLevelGets the Web page encryption level.  
Public PropertyHasChildrenGets a value indicating whether there are children.  
Public PropertyIsBusyGets a value indicating whether the browser is busy.  
Public PropertyIsOfflineGets a value indicating whether the browser is offline.  
Public PropertyNativeBrowerControlReturns reference to session COM browser control, SHDocVw.WebBrowser, instance.  
Public PropertyReadyStateGets the ready state of the Web browser.  
Public PropertyScriptErrorsSuppressedGets or sets a value indicating whether Script Errors Suppression state is suppressed.  
Public PropertyStatusTextGets the status bar text.  
Public PropertyUrlGets or sets the URL of the current Web page.  
Public PropertyVersionGets the version of the Web browser.  
Inherited Properties
public PropertySessionFilePathGets the session file path.  
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