IWebElement Represents an HTML element inside of a Web page." />
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IWebElement Interface Properties

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Public Properties
 PropertyAllGets all elements underneath the current element.  
 PropertyCanHaveChildrenGets a value that indicates whether this element has child elements.  
 PropertyChildrenGets all children of the current element.  
 PropertyDocumentGets the HtmlDocument to which this element belongs.  
 PropertyEnabledGets or sets whether the user can input data into this element.  
 PropertyFirstChildGets the next element below this element in the document tree.  
 PropertyIdGets or sets a label by which to identify the element.  
 PropertyInnerHtmlGets or sets the HTML markup underneath this element.  
 PropertyInnerTextGets or sets the text assigned to the element.  
 PropertyNameGets or sets the name of the element.  
 PropertyNextSiblingGets the next element at the same level as this element in the document tree.  
 PropertyOuterHtmlGets or sets the current element's HTML code.  
 PropertyOuterTextGets or sets the current element's text.  
 PropertyStyleGets or sets a comma-delimited list of styles for the current element.  
 PropertyTagNameGets the name of the HTML tag.  
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