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Attachmate.Reflection.Web.Msie Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassDocumentCompletedEventArgs DocumentCompleted event argument.
ClassMsieException Exception object thrown by Web objects to indicate a error condition.
ClassNavigatedEventArgs Navigated Event argument.
ClassNavigatingEventArgs Navigating event argument.
InterfaceIWebControl IWebControl interface is an interface to access an HTML-based, Web session.
InterfaceIWebDocument Provides top-level programmatic access to an HTML document hosted by the WebControl.
InterfaceIWebElement.html">IWebElement IWebElement Represents an HTML element inside of a Web page.
DelegateDocumentCompletedEventHandler DocumentCompleted event delegate.
DelegateNavigatedEventHandler NavigatedEvent delegate that handles the navigated event of a Web control.
DelegateNavigatingEventHandler Navigating event delegate.
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