InfoConnect for Airlines
StatusBarText Property

Gets the text displayed on the status bar.
Property StatusBarText As String
Dim instance As IFrame
Dim value As String
instance.StatusBarText = value
value = instance.StatusBarText
string StatusBarText {get; set;}

Property Value

The default is "&s - &c". The maximum string length is 260 characters. Various special characters can be included in this string:

Character Displays
&w "AttachmateWRQ"
&r Product Name
&f Settings File Name (or 'Untitled' if a settings file is not open)
&s Session Type
&t Transport
&h Host Name
&d Date
&c Connection Status (whether you are connected and over what transport)
&p Printer Status (relevant only in if the Session Type is IBM 5250 Printer or IBM 3270 Printer)
&x Transfer Status (the percentage complete of file and data transfers)
&v Assigned Device Name (relevant only for 5250 sessions that use an assigned Device Name)
&l Assigned LU Name (relevant only for 3270 sessions that use an assigned LU Name)
&o Profile Name
&& A Single Ampersand

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