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Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.UTS Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
InterfaceIFileTransfer Properties, methods, and events for T27 file transfer
InterfaceIMapperFileTransfer Properties and methods for MAPPER file transfer for UTS hosts.
InterfaceIOS2200FileTransfer Properties and methods for OS2200 File Transfer for UTS hosts
InterfaceIUtsScreen Defines the interface for the API screen object supporting UTS terminal connections.
InterfaceIUtsTerminal Uts Terminal Object
EnumerationCaptureAreaOption Defines options for Capture Area in UTS terminal configuration.
EnumerationEmphasisTransmitTypeOption Defines options for UTS emphasis transmit type
EnumerationFCCTransmitModeOption Defines options for transmitting FCCs from terminal screen to the host.
EnumerationFileTransferTypeOption Specifies the transfer protocol that will be used for a UTS session.
EnumerationMAPPERFileExistsOption Options for file transfer behavior/what to do when the destination file already exists
EnumerationMapperFileTypeOption Options for specifying how to handle tabs for MAPPER file transfers.
EnumerationOS2200LocalFileExistsOption Options for file transfer behavior/what to do when the local file already exists on downloads.
EnumerationPrintModeOption Defines options for printer key command in UTS terminal configuration.
EnumerationPrintRangeOption Defines options for print range in UTS terminal configuration.
EnumerationTransmitModeOption Defines options for transmitting data from terminal screen to the host.
EnumerationUTSTerminalTypeOption Defines UTS terminal type options
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