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IMapperFileTransfer Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by IMapperFileTransfer.

Public Properties
 PropertyCommandCodeGets or sets the MAPPER command code that precedes a MAPPER command (such as the commands to add or delete lines).  
 PropertyEndReportGets or sets the text that appears at the end of a MAPPER report.  
 PropertyFileTypeGets or sets a value that indicates how to handle tabs in a MAPPER report.  
 PropertyFormattedRIDGets or sets a value indicating whether the Remote Identifier (RID) is formatted.  
 PropertyIfExistsGets or sets a value specifying what happens if the target file exists during a transfer.  
 PropertyInsertAtLineGets or sets the host file line number (1-99999) at which the contents of the PC file will be inserted, for uploads when the IfExists setting is set to Insert. It does not apply otherwise.  
 PropertyLineZeroCommandGets or sets the command issued to MAPPER for displaying the Line Zero information.  
 PropertyLineZeroResponseGets or sets the title of the Line Zero information page.  
 PropertyLookSwitchGets or sets the command used to switch between the old MAPPER look (MAPPER 34) and the new MAPPER look (MAPPER 35)  
 PropertyPageIdentifierGets or sets the text string that identifies the display as a MAPPER report page.  
 PropertyParentGets the parent object (IFileTransfer).  
 PropertyRetainHeaderOnDownloadGets or sets a value indicating whether to retain MAPPER header information when a file is downloaded.  
 PropertyRIDNotFoundMessageGets or sets the MAPPER message that appears when you try to open a MAPPER report using an invalid number.  
 PropertyShiftCommandGets or sets the command that scrolls the MAPPER report horizontally.  
 PropertyTrimTrailingSpacesGets or sets a value indicating whether to delete any extra spaces that might exist at the end of the received file.  
Public Methods
 MethodReceiveFileDownloads a file from the host to your local PC.  
 MethodSendFileUploads a file to the host  
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