InfoConnect for Airlines
TerminalType Property (ITerminal)

Gets or sets the terminal that InfoConnect is to emulate.
Property TerminalType As TerminalTypeOption
Dim instance As ITerminal
Dim value As TerminalTypeOption
instance.TerminalType = value
value = instance.TerminalType
TerminalTypeOption TerminalType {get; set;}

Property Value

When you set TerminalType to ANSIBBS or ANSIUNIX, the default values for the following properties change:
  • Property, to the default Value for ANSIBBS and ANISUNIX.
  • DisplayRows, to 25.
  • EndOfLineWrap, to true.
  • TransmitXonXoff, to true.
  • UseAnsiColor, to true.
In addition, the value of TransmitPacing automatically becomes None. (TransmitPacing is a "keyword token" you can use to configure a connection in InfoConnect.)

If TerminalType is set to a non-ANSI value, these properties revert to their non-ANSI defaults.

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