InfoConnect for Unisys
WRQFastFileTransfer Property

Returns or specifies whether InfoConnect should attempt to use the fast file transfer feature.
Property WRQFastFileTransfer As WRQFastFileTransferOption
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As WRQFastFileTransferOption
instance.WRQFastFileTransfer = value
value = instance.WRQFastFileTransfer
WRQFastFileTransferOption WRQFastFileTransfer {get; set;}

With this feature, you can move files between your PC and the host many times faster than with the standard file transfer protocol. This property is relevant only when your host connection is through a network using the LAT, Telnet, or NS/VT protocol. Use WRQFastCompression to specify how compression is handled during fast file transfers. When fast file transfer is in effect, the following properties are ignored during file transfers: WRQCompression WRQEndCharacter WRQExtraCharacters WRQFrameSize WRQStartCharacter WRQTransferLink WRQWindowSize If you use the StartTrace method when fast file transfer is in effect, you won't be able to capture the actual flow of data. If you run VAXLINK2 with the L parameter, a host log file is not created. It may be necessary to set this property to WRQFastFileTransferOpton.Never for sending ASCII files with records larger than 32767 bytes. The transfer will fail and an error message is displayed if this is necessary.

This property is relevant only for transfers that use the WRQ/Reflection protocol. The default value is WRQFastFileTransferOption.Negotiate.

  • For WRQFastFileTransferOption.Always, fast file transfer is always used. The transfer fails if the fast file transfer feature cannot be used.
  • For WRQFastFileTransferOption.Never, fast file transfer is never used.
  • For WRQFastFileTransferOption.Negotiate, an attempt is made to use the fast file transfer feature. If a fast file transfer is not possible, a standard transfer is used.

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