InfoConnect for Unisys
TransferDefaultProtocol Property

Five transfer protocols for sending or receiving files are supported.
Property TransferDefaultProtocol As TransferProtocolOption
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As TransferProtocolOption
instance.TransferDefaultProtocol = value
value = instance.TransferDefaultProtocol
TransferProtocolOption TransferDefaultProtocol {get; set;}

This property returns or specifies which protocol is used by default in the File Transfer dialog box. (Programmatic transfers use methods that are specific to a particular protocol—for example, KermitSendFile or WRQReceiveFile).

The default value is TransferProtocolOption.WRQ.

  • TransferProtocolOption.FTP Specifies FTP as the default protocol.
  • TransferProtocolOption.Kermit Specifies Kermit as the default protocol.
  • TransferProtocolOption.WRQ Specifies WRQ/Reflection as the default protocol.
  • TransferProtocolOption.Xmodem Specifies Xmodem as the default protocol.
  • TransferProtocolOption.Zmodem Specifies Zmodem as the default protocol.
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