InfoConnect for Unisys
ReadCtrlZAsEOF Property

Returns or specifies whether InfoConnect interprets Ctrl-Z as the end of file marker in ASCII files being sent to the host.
Property ReadCtrlZAsEOF As Boolean
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As Boolean
instance.ReadCtrlZAsEOF = value
value = instance.ReadCtrlZAsEOF
bool ReadCtrlZAsEOF {get; set;}
When this property is set to True, InfoConnect interprets a Ctrl-Z—represented as Chr$(rcSUB)—as the end-of-file marker and strips it from the file. If you do not want the file transfer to use Ctrl-Z as an end-of-file marker, set this field to False; in this case, the character count in the file folder is used to determine the file length. The equivalent property for ASCII transfers from the host is WriteCtrlZAsEOF, which determines whether a Ctrl-Z character should be appended to ASCII files being transferred from the host. The default value is true.
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