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AbortTransfer Method (IFileTransfer)

Aborts a file transfer in progress (for any of the supported transfer protocols: Kermit, WRQ/Reflection, Xmodem, or Zmodem) without communicating with the host program. This method is more drastic than CancelTransfer, and may leave the host in an unpredictable state. Use AbortTransfer only if you believe the host transfer program has stopped responding; otherwise use CancelTransfer.

This method is not likely to be useful in a macro because all transfer methods must complete execution before subsequent commands are executed. AbortTransfer can be useful for mapping to custom items such as toolbar buttons, keystrokes or events. You could also use this method if you are using automation. For example, you could use stand-alone Visual Basic .NET to create a form with an Abort button to abort a transfer in progress.

Function AbortTransfer() As ReturnCode
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As ReturnCode
value = instance.AbortTransfer()
ReturnCode AbortTransfer()
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