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IMacro Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodGetMacroNamesGets a list of existing macro names.  
 MethodPasswordBoxOpens a dialog box containing a prompt and a text box for user input, and returns the contents of the text box after the user clicks OK. The text entered into the text box appears as asterisks on the screen.  
 MethodPauseRecordingPauses macro recording in the current terminal session.  
 MethodResumeRecordingResumes recording a macro in the current terminal session.  
 MethodRunExpressMacroRuns an Express macro.  
 MethodRunExternalLegacyReflectionMacroRuns a legacy Reflection macro from an external file (that is, a file that is not in current use).  
 MethodRunHostExplorerMacroRuns a HostExplorer macro.  
 MethodRunLegacyExtraMacroRuns a legacy EXTRA! macro.  
 MethodRunLegacyReflectionMacroRuns a legacy Reflection macro.  
 MethodRunLegacyReflectionMacroFileRuns the legacy Reflection macro that is in the specified macro file.  
 MethodRunMacroOverloaded. Runs a macro.  
 MethodRunPcommMacroRuns an IBM Personal Communications macro.  
 MethodRunQwsMacroRuns a QWS macro.  
 MethodRunRumbaMacroRuns a Micro Focus Rumba macro.  
 MethodShowMacroDialogDisplays the Run Macro dialog box.  
 MethodStartMacroRecordingStarts recording a macro in the current terminal session.  
 MethodStopMacroStops a currently running macro.  
 MethodStopMacroRecordingStops the macro recorder in the current terminal session, and saves the macro.  
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