InfoConnect for Unisys
MouseClick Event (IIbmScreen)

This event occurs when a session window is clicked by the mouse.
Event MouseClick As MouseEventHandler
Dim instance As IIbmScreen
Dim handler As MouseEventHandler
AddHandler instance.MouseClick, handler
event MouseEventHandler MouseClick
Event Data

The event handler receives an argument of type MouseEventArgsEx containing data related to this event. The following MouseEventArgsEx properties provide information specific to this event.

ButtonGets which mouse button was pressed.  
ClicksGets the number of times the mouse button was pressed and released.  
ColumnGets the terminal column number of the mouse click.  
DeltaGets a signed count of the number of detents the mouse wheel has rotated, multiplied by the WHEEL_DELTA constant. A detent is one notch of the mouse wheel.  
LocationGets the location of the mouse during the generating mouse event, relative to the upper-left corner of the session window.  
RowGets the terminal row number of the mouse click.  
WindowMessageWindows message generated by the mouse event.  
XGets the x-coordinate of the mouse during this event, in pixels, relative to the left side of the session window.  
YGets the y-coordinate of the mouse during this event, in pixels, relative to the top of the session window.  
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