InfoConnect for Unisys
XfrSpacesToUnderscores Property

Gets or sets whether to translate spaces in a file name to underscores during a transfer to a mainframe or AS/400.

Property XfrSpacesToUnderscores As Boolean
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As Boolean
instance.XfrSpacesToUnderscores = value
value = instance.XfrSpacesToUnderscores
bool XfrSpacesToUnderscores {get; set;}

Property Value

When this property is set to True (the default), spaces in PC file names are changed to underscores when sent to a mainframe or AS/400. For example, a PC file named "No way" is translated to "No_way" when sent to the host.
Attachmate.Reflection.SecuredSettingException This exception is thrown when you modify a InfoConnect property that has been secured via the Permissions Manager, or if such a modification requires Administrator privileges.
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