InfoConnect for Unisys
AS400NationalCharSetOption Enumeration

Specifies which character set InfoConnect uses for character translations during AS/400 data transfers.
Public Enum AS400NationalCharSetOption 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As AS400NationalCharSetOption
public enum AS400NationalCharSetOption : System.Enum 
BelgianInfoConnect uses the Belgian character set.
CanadianFrenchInfoConnect uses the Canadian French character set.
DanishInfoConnect uses the Danish character set.
EastEuropeInfoConnect uses the Eastern Europe character set.
FinnishInfoConnect uses the Finnish character set.
FrenchInfoConnect uses the French character set.
GermanInfoConnect uses the German character set.
GreekInfoConnect uses the Greek character set.
IcelandicInfoConnect uses the Icelandic character set.
ItalianInfoConnect uses the Italian character set.
MultilingualInfoConnect uses the Multilingual character set.
NorwegianInfoConnect uses the Norwegian character set.
PortugueseInfoConnect uses the Portuguese character set.
SpanishInfoConnect uses the Spanish character set.
SwedishInfoConnect uses the Swedish character set.
SwissInfoConnect uses the Swiss character set.
UKEnglishInfoConnect uses the UK English character set.
USEnglishInfoConnect uses the US English character set.
This property is only relevant for 5250 sessions.
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