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MouseMapper Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by MouseMapper.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorMouseMapper ConstructorThe constructor, for internal use.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyMappingCollectionReturns a set of all the mouse/key combinations that have been remapped in the current mouse map.  
Public PropertyMouseMapGets or sets the name of the mouse map file.  
Public PropertyParentGets the parent object (terminal object: IUtsTerminal, etc. as object).  
Public Methods
Public MethodAddMappingAdds a mouse button mapping to the current mouse map.  
Public MethodContainsReturns whether there is a mapping for a specified mouse/key combination in the current mouse map.  
Public MethodCreateObjRef (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodGetLifetimeService (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodRemoveMappingRemoves a mouse mapping from the mouse map.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodMemberwiseCloneOverloaded.  (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
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