InfoConnect Desktop 16.1 SP1 Release Notes

November 15, 2017

Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure that our products meet all your needs.

NOTE:Note for X users: InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys with X also includes Reflection X Advantage. For features and fixes, see the Reflection X Advantage Release Notes.

NOTE:Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On is a separately licensed product for connecting to HP NonStop hosts (Tandem 6530) that you can use with InfoConnect Desktop. For features and fixes, see the Reflection NonStop Add-on Release Notes.

1.0 What’s New?

The following outline the key features and functions provided by this version, as well as issues resolved in this release:

1.1 Security Improvements

InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys with X includes the following security improvements:

  • Applied code changes to address security vulnerabilities associated with the FreeType library used in Reflection X Advantage.

  • Updated InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys with X HP UX packages with the Java 8u131 critical patch update.

  • Updated InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys with X Solaris, Linux and AIX JVM packs to 8u144.

1.2 Enhancements

This service pack includes a number of product enhancements.

API and scripting improvements

Removed the requirement for CASL “chain” and “do” statements to use a fully-qualified macro path. These statements now match InfoConnect 9.x functionality.

Added the ability to hide or show the status bar in Classic and Ribbon user interface modes and added the StatusBarVisible property to the VBA and .NET API so visibility can be toggled through automation. Also added support for the legacy ShowStatusBar method.

Added support for the UTS SendKeys method in the InfoConnectCOM API.

Added support for the HotSpotScheme property in the InfoConnectCOM API.

Added the QuickPadShowToolTips API property to toggle the Show ToolTips setting in the Manage QuickPads dialog box on or off.

Added functionality so that Quickpads or custom keyboard maps that reference macros in hard coded directories now look in the default user data directory or the default legacy EXTRA! directory if they can't find the macro.

Added the WheelDirection property to the VBA and .NET API MouseButtonCombination element.

This property can be used to set up mouse wheel mapping. To map wheel up or down events, use the MouseButtonCombination object, but with WheelDirection set instead of the Button (Left or Right).

Added functionality to determine the wait-state of a UTS session.

This reduces errors due to failure to recognize a completed transmit. It also improves performance. (With previous methods, the screen draw state had to be checked multiple times.)

Added support for CopyToBuffer and PasteFromBuffer methods in InfoConnect APIs

The ability to copy to or paste from 4 different buffers was added to InfoConnect Desktop (this is a Legacy InfoConnect feature). The CopyToBuffer and PasteFromBuffer methods were added to the VBA and .NET API to make this functionality available for automation.

Added the ability to import macros into the Common Project (using VBA) without having a Terminal View open.

Added support for HLLAPI file transfers on IBM terminals to default to ‘A’ if short names are not provided. Modified the HLLAPI send/receive file APIs to default the short name to 'A' if the short name is missing instead of returning an error.

Prior to this enhancement, HLLAPI RECEIVE FILE (91) failed if an optional id (shortname) was not included with the host file name in the HLLAPI Data String

Added the RetainDisplayFormat property to the API

This setting gets or sets a value indicating whether to retain formatting so that copied text is pasted in the same way as it is displayed in the terminal.

QuickPads and UI

Improved toolbar docking in Classic MDI user interface mode to make this feature easier to use.

Added the capability to set the foreground and background color of labels and group boxes in the QuickPad Designer.

Added an action to toggle the Show ToolTips setting in the Manage QuickPads dialog box on or off.

Added a setting to enter a sequence for a custom DA response for VT terminals

The terminal sends this string in response to a primary device attributes request.

Added the Retain display format setting to the VT Configure Clipboard Settings dialog box.

When enabled, this setting retains formatting so that copied text is pasted in the same way as it is displayed in the terminal.


Added the ability to import a toolbar from another Ribbon file when working in the Classic UI Designer.

Added the ability to import legacy UTS color scheme (.euc) files as theme (.themex) files when legacy sessions are loaded.

Added the ability to import legacy (InfoConnect and Extra) toolbar (.ETB) files into the Workspace UI Designer.


Added the capability to map the mouse wheel forward or backward movements to InfoConnect Desktop actions.

Changed the functionality of the Action Sequence dialog box so that new actions are added directly below a selected action in an action sequence.

Previous to this enhancement, actions were always added at the end of the sequence.

Added the ability to map the mouse wheel Up or Down actions to InfoConnect Desktop actions.

By mapping the mouse wheel Up or Down actions to send Up or Down keys, you can set up the mouse to page up or down through large tables of data without touching the keyboard.

NOTE:If you create a mouse map for IBM and assign it to VT, some actions like Up or Down will not work.

The themeSettingsAction and ManageRibbonSettings actions now allow you to specify which theme or ribbon file to use in a session

Added the setKeyboardMapAction, showQuickPadAction, and setHotSpotFileAction actions

These actions can now be assigned in the Select Actions dialog box. They allow you to select which items (for example, which keyboard map) to use for a session.

Added the "ToggleLogging" Action for VT terminals


Added an option to remove the image displayed on a menu or toolbar item in the Classic UI Designer

The UI Designer now has a Remove Image button that you can use to remove the image.

Added the ability to display Label text on a toolbar button in Classic MDI user interface mode.

Before this fix, if you tried to add a new button with text in its Label field, the text was not displayed.

Added ability to change the order of toolbars in the Classic UI Designer

Before this fix, there was no way to change the ordering of toolbars after they were added in the UI Designer. Toolbar ordering was based on the order in which each toolbar was added (or imported) at design time.

 Added the ability to right-click on the toolbar area to open a menu that can be used to hide or setup toolbars.

From this menu, you can:

  • Hide the selected toolbar.

  • Open the Toolbar Selection dialog box from which you can:

    Select which toolbars to display


    Open the Classic UI Designer to modify toolbars.

Other Improvements

Added HTTP Proxy support for RIBM terminals.

Added the ability to copy to or paste from 4 different buffers to InfoConnect Desktop.

This is a Legacy InfoConnect feature and is now supported when using the Classic MDI user interface mode. You can access this feature from the Edit menu.

Added supported for the windows %USERPROFILE% to the Open Document action parameter.

This allows you to set up this action to open a document in user data subfolders.

Added the ability to use "Windows Credentials" for an AS400 FTP sign-on

2.0 Software fixes

InfoConnect Desktop includes software fixes that resolve several previous issues.

2.1 API and Scripting

A Host HLLAPI application no longer fails when checking data in byte 82 (index 81) of the buffer returned by HLLAPI function 13, CopyOIA

Changed the value that InfoConnect returns at byte 82 in the CopyOIA buffer so that it is consistent with the value returned by Host Explorer and Extra!. This change corrects problems with a specific application.

A CASL Save statement no longer causes an error if it doesn’t include the file name parameter

Changed the CASL Save statement to make the file name parameter optional. If the statement doesn’t include a file name, the session name is used.

Using the busyCursor function no longer causes the error: "15-7 The specified session does not currently exist"

Fixed problems that caused this CASL error when using the BusyCursor function. This function does not display the cursor as an hourglass but it no longer displays an error.

Layouts which contained Extra! basic macros now send data to the correct sessions

When layouts that included sessions with Extra! Basic startup macros were opened, the macros sometimes ran against the wrong sessions. When the last session was loaded, that session's macro ran against the session that had focus when the layout completed loading. (If the layout was saved with another session in focus, the macro ran against the wrong session.)

When loading a layout, Extra! Basic startup macros now run against the appropriate sessions.

InfoConnect Desktop no longer crashes when IgnoreEUICmdErr and CursorProgressIndicator are enabled

When accessing 5250 terminal popup windows, the following error messages were displayed: CPF5192 Data sent to device not valid  and RPG9998 Internal Failure in compiler or subroutine.

This service pack supports the Ignore EUI Command Error and CursorProgressIndicator so that InfoConnect Desktop no longer crashes when accessing IBM 5250 terminal popup windows.

Fixed problems with using Visual Basic for Applications to access the COM object.

When attempting to use VBA to access the COM Object, the following error occured: System.MissingMemberException: Public member 'Sessions' on type 'MarshalByRefObject' not found

The Stream capture method now returns protected field text

The InfoConnect Desktop COM API Stream method is now returning protected text as expected.

Fixed problems with VBA that allowed users to run macros or .NET API programs to circumvent the DisableBuiltInFiles setting.

Fixed random crashes that occurred when closing the workspace after running an external legacy RMA macro or macros in an SSH host session.

Fixed problem with the Run Legacy Extra! macro action that occurred when attempting to run a macro with macro data

CASL statements that end with semicolons no longer cause problems.

When a CASL statement ended with a semicolon, two error prompts were displayed and it was not possible to close them except by closing the Workspace.

Fixed problems with IBM Personal Communications macros that included text strings with German Umlauts or other, non-ASCII characters.

Those characters were not translated properly when InfoConnect Desktop was running those macros and this resulted in issues on the Host screens and applications.

Problems that caused recorded macros to fail on Japanese hosts have been fixed

Extra! .ftb files for AS/400 SQL data transfers now work as expected

Using Extra! .ftb files that contained custom SQL commands resulted in errors In InfoConnect Desktop. This error occurred only when using .ftb configurations that contained custom SQL statements.

Problems with using events in HP sessions are fixed

Problems with using .ftp or .xto files with uppercase file extensions are fixed.

Fixed problems with saving legacy macros and forms when InfoConnect Desktop Host sessions were saved as session Template files.

Macros and forms under the ProjectLegacy() section are now saved in Template files.

The IHLLAPI SENDKEY terminal keystroke name is now not case sensitive.

In InfoConnect Desktop 16.1, terminal keystroke name was case sensitive. In prior versions, it was not.

The VBA ReadLine2() method now honors the Linefeed character and does not concatenate lines that should be separated.

This method now works as expected.

The ThisTerminal.VBProject property now points to the correct VBA project

ThisTerminal.VBProject was not pointing to the active document's VBProject but to the VBProject of the document that was last opened in the workspace. This property now points to the correct project.

2.2 QuickPads

Docking locations of QuickPads are now saved when QuickPads are closed and re-selected

Fixed problems with QuickPads Docking locations. The locations are now saved when QuickPads are closed and re-selected.

Docking locations of toolbars within the Classic MDI user interface mode are now preserved when a session is saved and reopened.

When using a black background in QuickPad Designer, text and group boxes are now visible

Fixed problems with text visibility that occurred when using a black background in the QuickPad Designer. When text or group box controls are added into a “Black” background QuickPad, their default foreground color is set to “White.”

Docked QuickPad windows no longer shrink after switching sessions

Fixed problems with QuickPads shrinking after switching sessions.

The Show ToolTips setting in the Manage QuickPads dialog box now works as expected

Fixed the Show ToolTips setting in the Manage QuickPads dialog box so that ToolTips are hidden if this option is unselected.

2.3 Toolbars

Imported small toolbar buttons now maintain their original size and image

In the Ribbon UI Designer, when importing an .etb file with Use small buttons selected, some images (like Back, Forward, Live Screen, Send File, Receive File, SendKey, Capture etc) changed to the large size of the image or to a different image when they were clicked.

Imported toolbar buttons no longer display an image if original buttons did not have one

Docking locations of toolbars in Classic MDI user interface mode are now preserved when a session is closed and reopened

Before this fix, the toolbars were stacked vertically when a session was reopened instead of maintaining the positions that they were previously arranged and saved in.

2.4 User Interface

The Classic MDI user interface mode now supports images for menu items

Menus now display images by default.

Problems with sessions showing the wrong custom menu bars and toolbars when sessions with different terminal types were opened in Classic MDI user interface mode have been fixed

The Preview button in the Classic UI designer now works as expected

The Preview button in the Classic UI designer now displays an image of the toolbars and menus you are designing so you can see how they look before you save them.

2.5 Settings

If a session uses a custom keyboard, mouse, hotspots, or theme file, the currently selected file is now displayed in the selection dialog box

This service pack fixed problems with custom file selection. In previous versions, the selection dialog box always opened with the built-in files displayed.

Now, after selecting a custom file, that file is selected and displayed in the list when the dialog box used to select the file is reopened. If a compound session document file is used, these files are shown as Embedded.

Problems with closing VT terminal sessions that occurred after enabling the "Support graphics" checkbox have been fixed.

2.6 Importing and handling Extra! files

Problems in InfoConnect Desktop with Legacy ekm Keyboard map files that contained "extended" keys are now fixed

InfoConnect Desktop had an issue with some keys in the extended area of the keyboard. (eg PgUp, Arrow, num keys). If the keyboard map included entries for a key both in the extended area and in the numeric keypad area, the same key action was used regardless of the Num Lock state.

This problem has been fixed so that keys in the extended area are now distinguished from identical numeric keypad keys.

2.7 Other Issues

IBM 5250 External Program commands containing spaces no longer fail because of missing quotation marks

Fixed problems that occurred in IBM5250 sessions when external commands that executed in the Windows environment were sent with file paths that included spaces.

Problems that prevented Workspace from opening after companion MSIs for all users were installed are fixed

Companion installers created for all users had problems with .access file parsing errors which prevented the Workspace from opening.

Problems that caused TLS file transfers to a Unisys Host to fail are fixed

The RSC - FTP response “426 Data Connection destroyed” occurred when performing a TLS file transfer to a Unisys Host

TLS FTP transfers to Unisys hosts now work as expected.

Problems that occurred when an IBM 3270 printer session was loaded via the IBM 3270 printer association are fixed.

The IP address and Port configured in the printer profile is now used for the connection instead of the IP address of the display session.

Problems that caused random crashes that occurred in the InfoConnect Desktop “Send Text" action when sending hundreds of words are fixed.  

Problems with using the File > Save As… menu command that occurred when using redirected MyDocuments on slow network connections are fixed

Before this fix, the File > Save As… menu command failed to save session files when the user’s My Documents folder was redirected to a network share and the network connection was slow.

Problems that occurred when uploading a compound VT session document file to Host Access Management and Security Server that contained a custom Hotspots file are fixed

This error occurred when exiting a Host session that was running within Administrative Web Station (AWS). After selecting Send as a compound session, the following error message was displayed:

An error occurred while saving your document. Please try again or save the document to a different location.

Problems with Copy Append or Copy Input actions that occurred when the NonStop Add-on was installed are fixed

Before this fix, problems occurred if 6530 Copy Append (or Copy Input) actions were added to the desktop QAT, and then clicked in a non-6530 session.

The Enable Centralized Management Server URL field no longer allows invalid URLs to be saved.

Before this fix, if an invalid URL was entered in the Server URL field, the URL was saved, and problems occurred when users tried to create sessions.

Now, if a badly formed URL is entered in the Server URL field, the following message is displayed when the user clicks OK.

The URL you entered is not a valid address...

2.8 Copy and Paste

Copying a block of text from a spreadsheet into a 5250 terminal session that had numeric-only fields now works as expected

When copying multiple columns of alpha-numeric data from a spreadsheet and pasting them into a 5250 terminal window, errors occurred if the terminal had numeric-only characters. Now, with the Align Text to input fields setting enabled and the Wrap text to next input field disabled, data is pasted across columns and honors the field attributes.(alpha characters are not pasted in numeric only fields).

3.0 Legal Notice

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