Using Predefined Constants

InfoConnect frequently uses predefined constants in place of numbers to make macros easier to read. Predefined constants may be used as method arguments, property values, or error codes.

The last two lines in the following example show equivalent ways to handle errors in IBM sessions. The first statement uses an InfoConnect predefined constant, and the second statement uses the numeric equivalent:

Using a predefined constant
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Dim ret As ReturnCode
ret=ThisIbmScreen.WaitForHostSett(6000, 3000)
If ret = ReturnCode.ReturnCode_Timeout Then MsgBox "Time out"
If ret = 4 Then MsgBox "Time out"

Using Predefined Constants in Other Applications

You can use InfoConnect predefined constants in other applications by selecting the InfoConnect class libraries.

  1. In the Visual Basic Editor, choose Tools > References.
  2. Select the InfoConnect class libraries:





  3. To use legacy predefined constants in other applications, select the appropriate class library.

 For this legacy application

 Select this class assembly

 Reflection for IBM


 Reflection  for ReGIS Graphics


 Reflection  for UNIX and OpenVMS