InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
WebDocument Object Properties

For a list of all members of this type, see WebDocument members.

Public PropertyActiveElementGets the Web element that has the focus.  
Public PropertyAllElementsGets all Web elements.  
Public PropertyBodyGets the body element.  
Public PropertyCookieGets or sets the cookie property.  
Public PropertyDefaultEncodingGets the default encoding.  
Public PropertyDomainGets or sets the string that describes the domain of this document for security purposes.  
Public PropertyEncodingGets or sets the character encoding for this document.  
Public PropertyFocusedGets a value indicating whether the document has user input focus.  
Public PropertyFormsGets a collection of all of the form elements in the document.  
Public PropertyImagesGets a collection of all of the image tags in the document.  
Public PropertyLinksGets a list of all of the hyperlinks within the current HTML document.  
Public PropertyTitleGets or sets the text value of the title tag in the current HTML document.  
Public PropertyUrlGets the URL of the current document.  
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